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The penalties for trafficking, smuggling and possession of drugs (even residual amounts) are severe.Concerns are growing about the rising number of "mixed marriages" in the United Arab Emirates with the Gulf country forming a committee to investigate the trend.Hit the gym in our high-performance EK FIT active wear, or cheer on your team in the latest football shirts from the clubs we sponsor.There’s fun for the kids too with our Little Travellers range of toys, school gear and accessories.Be aware of your actions to ensure that they don’t offend, especially during the holy month of Ramadan or if you intend to visit religious areas.There may be serious penalties for doing something that might not be illegal in the UK.And you can complete your collection with model aircraft featuring our famous sports and wildlife liveries. UAE laws and customs are very different to those in the UK.

In 2017, the holy month of Ramadan is expected to start on 25 May and finish on 25 June.

Representatives of the UAE's Federal National Council debated the issue on Wednesday, and were told that a growing number of men are choosing non-Emiratis as their spouses.

This is leading a demographic imbalance in the country, the council was told, as more-and-more Emirati women are unable to find husbands."The marriage fund and the ministry of community development have to tackle this serious problem and find solutions," said Hamad al-Rohoomi, a council member who highlighted the issue on Wednesday."The figures of mixed marriages are appalling if the number of children born to foreign mothers is added to children born to unknown parents."Bond Around a quarter of marriages in the UAE are now mixed, according to the country's national council members."This affects the national identity," said Rohoomi in the council.

In 2014, around 30 percent of marriages involving Emirati men were to foreign women, Hamad al-Rohoomi told the council on Wednesday.

, 2016, Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old security guard, killed 49 people and wounded 58 others in a terrorist attack/hate crime inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, United States.