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Given the various adequate attributes of freshwater crayfish as surrogate species (including indicator species, umbrella species and flagship species qualities), they may help to advance not only the crayfish situation itself but also freshwater ecosystem properties in general.Résumé Le déclin rapide des populations d’écrevisses dans les eaux continentales européennes ainsi que la menace permanente subie par ces populations nécessitent des actions intégrées pour une conservation et une gestion des populations d’écrevisses natives.Kyoto University and Goldsmiths, University of London would like to invite you to a Symposium entitled "Future Mind" - Art and Technology in the future.For more information, please visit their website at (1996-2000), Liliane Lijn brings to Summerhall five narrative sculptures that form part of a series in which the artist examines her psyche. The same is true for the region of South Tyrol, where compared to previous investigations, only 10 of a former total of 15 crayfish locations in the water bodies could be affirmed. (2006) 380-381 : 1029-1040 UPDATE OF THE MOLECULAR PHYLOGENY OF THE AUSTROPOTAMOBIUS PALLIPES SPECIES COMPLEX BY INCLUDING SPECIMENS FROM SOUTH TYROL (ITALY) AND CARINTHIA (AUSTRIA) Bull. Besides biological reasons (diseases, plague), the impact of toxic and harmful substances (fertilisers, herbicides) or wastewater effluents, habitat alteration or fragmentation have been responsible for their decline in some regions.

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