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Intimidating urban dictionary

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It takes a few strolls down Telegraph or a couple rides on BART to get acclimated to this inevitable presence.

But once you truly settle into the fibers of Berkeley life, few vagrant activities surprise or startle you.

Just the mention of Physics 7A makes countless engineers’ stomachs drop, and it’s been said that organic chemistry always takes part of your soul. But if Math 1B horrors are still hindering your sleep on Christmas morning or the Fourth of July, don’t be alarmed; after all, your lingering anxiety will soon be replaced with fear of a much more difficult class. Whether you’re a dedicated triathlete or someone who vehemently avoids the RSF, Berkeley’s daunting slopes always make you breathe a little harder.

But all this toil is not in vain; after a few semesters at Cal, you’ll probably accumulate some of the sexiest legs on the West Coast! The homeless man urinating across from VLSB doesn’t faze you. Berkeley’s boundless homeless population intimidated most of us when we arrived at Cal for the first time.

The homeless man contentedly urinating among the trees, the incoherent woman demanding “100 dollars” from a stranger on Shattuck and the cats on leashes all become commonplace in your desensitized Berkeley eyes. Moderately attractive people seem really, really, really … Have you ever hooked up with someone at a party and been disappointed by his or her Facebook pictures during subsequent stalking?

It almost feels criminal to put anything in this post except for that tweet, but here's a little context.

Do you sometimes feel like the patient just doesn’t understand what you are trying to say to them—even if you think your explanation is perfectly clear?

When you encounter an open source group for the first time, it may be a bewildering experience.

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There’s no denying that UC Berkeley students occupy a unique social, academic and cultural realm in this country. It’s a well-established fact that “Berkeley time” can permanently alter students’ circadian rhythms, shoving every activity back by 10 minutes.

One aspect of "open culture" is that people are informal. They tend to speak directly to one another, regardless of social status or formal title.

Disagreements about code, whether as profound as which algorithm is most appropriate, or as seemingly mundane as how many spaces are used for indentation, are aired in public.

Working on code together means a lot of things: transparency, directness and cooperation are words that are often mentioned by developers when describing the process.

It can involve bug reports, code refactoring, implementing new features, documentation, project management and advocacy.