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Many people make the mistake of assuming that harassment can only occur in real-time or that it is only considered harassment when an actual threat is made.

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But fast forward to 2014, where I find myself at the fifth annual Anime Nation, Jamaica’s largest Costume Play event, organized by a local group here called the JA Cosplayaz, with assistance from the Japanese embassy.

With the awesome Masumi Suda (legendary animator of such titles as Dragon Ball Z, Gatchaman (otherwise called G-Force), Fist Of the North Star and most recently Yo-Kai watch) as a featured guest, Jamaican nerddom officially stepped into new territory.

Guys with highly inflected voices sit near a personal computer and play a video game, feet crossed on the floor, oblivious to the stream of passersby going inside to see the Nerds have always had two main characteristics in my opinion.

One is a kind of frantic, slightly overenthusiastic appreciation of whatever they like, such as screaming and shouting “No way bro!

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Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, is located on the southeastern coast of the island.

That was the main reason we chose to stay in Montego Bay. If I walked up to the bar to order a drink they would say, “What can I get you princess?

But I should have probably listened to all the experienced Jamaica vacationers when they said Negril and Ocho Rios were the nicer places. ” That was pretty much the same anytime I encountered any of the resort employees. It is common for them to call you princess so I guess what I’m saying is… Jamaica will make you feel like a fake princess for the duration of your stay. Sorry if that comes off harsh, but the quality of stuff they were selling was LOW. This is the same with most tourists cities…people try to sell you junk for more than it’s worth. But in Jamaica, especially if you leave the resort area, you will be hassled and asked to “look at their stuff”.

These are local girls who are let in free if they wear bikini.

“With the dance being so explicit it’s a fine line between who’s a stripper and who’s not," he adds.