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In both Real Life and fiction, this is usually Played for Laughs, because the incorrect interpretation typically leads to an absurdity. Would you please, in the name of compassion, tell me which one of those kids is my boss's daughter.

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I do sometimes wonder if these odd denatured shiny types, who actively prefer foreign rule to their own, ever visit their own country.Confined to glossy multicultural London neighbourhoods for most of the year, they then hurry abroad.Commercial and POS printer KEP Print Group has invested circa £300,000 in a Lamina Blackline 1620 FA 1600/800 laminator, its first piece of kit in what the company said would be a hefty investment year.The high-speed, sheet-to-sheet laminator came in last week for a six-year-old Lamina 1620 FA and slotted straight into KEP’s finishing department, which makes up part of its 14 units on an estate in Tamworth, Staffordshire, totalling around 4,600sqm.The established parties ignored this, and the liberal thought police tried to claim it was bigotry.But it was real, and this was reflected on Thursday night in a 77.27 per cent turnout and a 75.5 per cent vote to leave in that town.

Anwick has chicken-processing factory, a garden centre, a low-security independent hospital for men, and a private airstrip on nearby arable land (the airstrip is unrelated to the Second World War dummy airfield and on a different site).

The River Witham flows through quiet, flat Lincolnshire countryside, and is very peaceful and remote for much of its length.

Marshy fenlands stretch out for miles on either side, giving a real sense of space – and the sunsets can be spectacular.

There are train services to the town, with frequent services to London’s King’s Cross. There are 17 single bedrooms and 10 double bedrooms. Communal day space is centrally located and comprises lounge/dining room overlooking gardens, dining room, sensory room and further dining area.

Assisted bathroom facilities include one assisted bathroom and one shower room.